Getting Married at St Peter’s or at St Andrew’s

For many couples, getting married in church is just the right place. They say it makes their vows and their wedding extra special as they are declaring their love to each other in an often ancient building and before God. Couples meet with the Vicar to plan the occasion in detail so they usually find the whole experience very personal to them. Also, a church wedding may well be much cheaper than in a Register Office or other venue, because most of the costs are controlled by law.

How can you get married at St Peter’s or at St Andrew’s?

Usually you live in the parish or have some sort of link with the church or parish. But if you don’t have a link, it is definitely worth speaking to the Vicar as you can usually create a link, which will enable you to be married in one of our churches. Also, you can usually pick the exact time that suits you. And weddings can take place on any day.

For general inquiries about getting married in one of our churches, please contact:
Rev Eileen Connolly 07708 604085 email:

For more help on planning your wedding, “Planning your Ceremony” on the Church of England website will give you lots of help.

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