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ST ANDREW’S, Grandale, Sutton Park, HU7 4BL

The church was built in 1971 as a multi­purpose church to serve the community. It has a friendly, warm atmosphere, and is warm in temperature too! There is easy access for wheelchairs (no steps, but someone would need to hold the main doors open), toilets suitable for a wheelchair, and an induction loop used during services. We have one main service on a Sunday, at 9.30am, which is a Family Service on the first Sunday of the month, and is a Holy Communion service on the other Sundays. Children are welcome at all the services, and at most services a variety of children’s activities are provided; these are on a table in the main church, so that children feel included, and adults sit with the children at the table. After our services there is tea and coffee, and the opportunity to chat to others.
Other regular events:

  • a quiet mid­week Holy Communion service at 12 noon every Tuesday;
  • a Chat and Craft Group on Wednesdays, 10-11.45am. Do any craft, lots of help and advice available, chat and friendship;
  • a popular Parent and Toddler group on Thursdays from 1.00 to 3pm, open to all;
  • a simple Morning Prayer service on Fridays at 9.00am;
  • a Boys’ Brigade group, for both boys and girls (despite the name!), meeting on Friday evenings, 6.30-­7.30pm for those aged 5­-11, and 7.30-­8.30pm for those aged 11­-16;
  • a coffee morning on the last Friday of each month, from 9.30am;

We organise a variety of other church and social events throughout the
year, often with St Peter’s.
To explore our faith more, we have several smaller mid­week groups who
enjoy meeting together in church or in church members’ homes.

Our Current Priorities:

  • to continue to listen to God and to the people of the parish
  • to consider and implement changes, and be prepared to take risks as a result of this process.

ST PETER’S CHURCH, Main Street, Wawne, East Yorkshire, HU7 5XH

St Peter’s is a simple, but beautiful building at least 900 years old! It has the great attraction of being a quiet village church in the countryside although it is so close to Hull. The church has steps up to the main entrance, but there is access by wheelchair via a path to the south door of the chair, although wheelchair users would probably require help through the churchyard and into the church. There are no steps in the body of the church, and there is a toilet suitable for wheelchair users. There is also a loop system for the hard of hearing. St Peter’s is part of the Explore Churches network of churches. Visit our page at:


There is one main service on Sundays, at 11am; this is a Family Service on the first Sunday of the month and then either Holy Communion or Morning Prayer on the other Sundays. There is also a short Holy Communion service on the first Wednesday of each month at 9.30am. St Peter’s is a popular church for baptisms and weddings (see other sections of this website for more detail on these services). Children are welcome at all services, but particularly at the Family Service. Church members join with St Andrew’s for many church and social occasions, and the church is very much a part of Wawne village.

Our Current Priorities:

  • to consider how we can celebrate and grow in our faith
  • to try to position our church at the heart of the community and to continue to reach out into the parish and beyond