Our Vicar and Curate

Chris Van Straaten
Chris Van Straaten

Kathy and I arrived here in early 2016, and Yorkshire was entirely new to us.

I was born and brought up in Zimbabwe, came to college in England and then taught English in South Africa for four years. However, my hobby was orchids and this led me, of course, to South America, first on holiday and then to live. In 1984 I went to live in Paraguay as a school teacher, teaching English as a foreign language, with the South American Mission Society. Kathy was already teaching at the same school, having come out from England (she comes from St Helen’s in the north-west: rugby and Pilkington country), and we met, got engaged and married in Asuncion, the capital. Our daughter, Joy, was born there. After that, we went off to Spain for two years, to work with the Spanish-speaking part of the Anglican Church, and our son, Patrick was born in Alicante.

We came back to UK in 1989 and it was then that I went to college and was ordained in the Church of England. We spent four years near Reading before moving to Kent where we spent nearly 20 extremely happy years in two churches.

Why, then, Hull? Because we didn’t know this part of the country at all, because we were up for a change and a challenge and because the north of the country needed ministers, we heard. We’re really enjoying getting to know folk here: a new accent, different outlook, and a different climate!

Chris van Straaten (our Vicar)



Our Curate, Fiona Robinson

I have lived in Hull for most of my life and have seen it grow and change over the years – in a good way!  I have lived mostly in the east of the city.   I spent the majority of my first ten years on Bransholme and attended Coleford Primary, which has since been demolished.  At aged ten my family moved up to Washington, Tyne & Wear, but we returned a year later as my father couldn’t find any work there.   We landed upon Preston Road estate and I attended David Lister Secondary, which has also since been demolished.  My husband, Graham, is also from Hull; we met in the late 80’s as neighbours in a block of flats on Longhill estate, also now demolished (the flats not the estate!) I think there could be a pattern here somewhere…!  We have four grown up children, Corrina, Molly, Leah and Daniel.   I am also step-mum to Craig and step-granny to his two children, Jake and Sophia.

I have worked part time as a chaplain at Hull prison since 2011 and find it a challenging but rewarding ministry.  I was ordained in the Church of England this summer (July 2017) and in addition to the prison ministry I will be working in the parish as an Assistant Curate (trainee-vicar!).  There is a special place in my heart for east Hull and its people.  I am looking forward to the learning and challenges ahead in the coming years.   I hope to be a blessing to those I serve, and am sure I will be greatly blessed in return.