Pre-covid we held a memorial service every year for the familes of people who had died that year. We’re reviving the service this year, but because we’ve had a break of three years we are going to hold two services:

Sunday 28 August at 4pm at St Andrew’s, Grandale, Sutton Park HU7 4BL

OR Sunday 4 September at 4pm at St Peter’s, Main Street, Wawne HU7 5XH

The service will last about 45 minutes, and and anyone is welcome, irrespective of who they are remembering or from how long ago. Those who come usually find it encouraging and uplifting. We will read the names of those being remembered. The two services will be similar so choose whichever date or venue suits you best. St Andrew’s is a modern church with easy parking and access, as well as full facilities for the disabled. St Peter’s is a beautiful old church , but with steps up to the church. There is a toilet accessible to the disabled.