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Welcome to this website! We are two churches in East Hull and then out into the East Riding a little. As part of the Church of England, our churches lie in parishes, which is the area round the church. St Andrew’s Parish is Sutton Park but also part of South Bransholme, while St Peter’s is in Wawne but includes all of North Bransholme and Kingswood in the parish. But wherever you live, in Hull, Wawne or beyond, you are welcome to try out either one of our churches and see whether it is right for you. St Andrew’s is a modern building with a congregation of mixed ages, while St Peter’s is a beautiful old building (we celebrated 900 years in 2015!) with a congregation mostly of retired people, but looking to widen the age range!

What are we here for? To think about the big questions in life (we do ask lots of questions!), to get to know Jesus better, and to encourage each other in living out our faith. You do not need to have a faith to come along! We hold a variety of services and social events, which you can read more about elsewhere on this website.
As you will see above, our churches’ mission statement is:

To make Christ’s love known in the community we serve.

Thanks for visiting!
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Monthly Blog for March 2018:


Does it make any difference whether God is there or not?

It’s a question I have started asking people sometimes when I go to see them for baptisms or weddings. They are very honest with me when I ask them whether they think God exists or not, but I’ve begun to realise that as far as  some are concerned, it makes no difference whether He’s there or not. They’ll say, “I get up and go to work just the same. I try to bring up my children right; I just do the best I can. Life’s tough, and I muddle through. Yes, if I go to a funeral, it would be nice to think there was Someone out there and that death wasn’t the end, but most of the time, it makes no odds to me.”

So what’s the point of being a Christian if, to many people in UK today, it seems irrelevant to their lives?

Firstly,  I believe it’s TRUE. I’ve been questioning it nearly all my life, perhaps even more so since I’ve been a Christian, and that makes me more convinced than ever that it’s true, and therefore that I need to do something about it. Jesus dared people to follow him above everything and everyone else; if he really IS the Son of God, I need to face up to that challenge.

Secondly, it gives me purpose in my life. To know that Someone is out there, that He is on my side, that He has plans for me, for this life and the next: that gets me up in the morning, challenges me and excites me. It’s not just me plodding along in an empty desert; it’s Him there alongside me, all along the way. And for over 40 years I’ve seen some of that leading, through different countries and different careers. And He’s not finished with me yet!

So, yes, instead of plodding along with my head down, I can lift my head up, know that I’m not alone, and know that  He has great plans for me stretching  off into the distance and over the horizon. It’s exciting!