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Welcome to this website! We are two churches in East Hull and then out into the East Riding a little. As part of the Church of England, our churches lie in parishes, which is the area round the church. St Andrew’s Parish is Sutton Park but also part of South Bransholme, while St Peter’s is in Wawne but includes all of North Bransholme and Kingswood in the parish. But wherever you live, in Hull, Wawne or beyond, you are welcome to try out either one of our churches and see whether it is right for you. St Andrew’s is a modern building with a congregation of mixed ages, while St Peter’s is a beautiful old building (we celebrated 900 years in 2015!) with a congregation mostly of retired people, but looking to widen the age range!

What are we here for? To think about the big questions in life (we do ask lots of questions!), to get to know Jesus better, and to encourage each other in living out our faith. You do not need to have a faith to come along! We hold a variety of services and social events, which you can read more about elsewhere on this website.
As you will see above, our churches’ mission statement is:

To make Christ’s love known in the community we serve.


And, by the way, we take Safeguarding very seriously in our churches. A copy of each parish’s Safeguarding Policy is on display at each church. Our Diocesan Safeguarding Officer can be contacted on 01904 699524 or by email:  safeguarding@yorkdiocese.org

Thanks for visiting!
To contact us, you can:
use Facebook (“St Andrew’s Church, Sutton Park and St Peter’s, Wawne”)
email the Vicar: cjvanstraaten@gmail.com
phone 01482 838486

Monthly Blog for September 2021, from Eileen:

I love the TV programme, “The Repair Shop” where people bring all sorts of broken and damaged furniture, wooden toys and other objects and they hand them over to a Master Craftsman who knows how to restore them and bring them back to their original glory. What’s fascinating to me is the depth of emotion which the owners feel about the items – usually they link them with a person who has long since died, and treasured memories of happy times. And then the absolute joy when the item is returned, restored to its former glory – and the inevitable tears from all watching!

I don’t know about you, but there are times when I feel like that broken object – battered and damaged by negative experiences in life. And yet I have the strong belief that God is like the Master Craftsman – for it is him who “created my inmost being and knit me together in my mother’s womb” (Psalm 139:13).

Perhaps all I need is to ask Him and then allow him to use his restorative skills to renew me. I can do that myself by praying, or maybe I need someone who knows Him to bring me – like the person who brings the object in the Repair Shop. Either way, I need to trust  that I feel safe in His loving hands and that he knows the best way to restore and repair me in my brokenness.